Rules of accommodation


  1. Please respect other guests of the «SV» Hostel.
  2. You should keep order the bedroom, the kitchen, the shower, the toilet and the places to stay.
  3. Please note that there is silence between 23:00 and 07:00.
  4. It is not allowed to wear outdoor shoes in the hostel.
  5. Smoking, alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances are strictly prohibited within the hostel.
  6. For security reasons, the front door is closed from 23: 00 to 07: 00.
  7. It is forbidden to store bulky things, flammable materials, weapons, drugs.
  8. It is forbidden to bring strangers without the consent of the administration.
  9. It is forbidden to use foul language and insult the guests and the staff of the hostel.
  10. In case of loss or damage of the hostels property, the guest must reimburse the cost of damage in full.
  11. Keep animals without the consent of the administration is prohibited.


For violation of the rules of the Hostel "SV" administrator has the right to impose a fine.

For malicious violation of the rules the administrator has the right to evict the offender without compensation of the amount of payment for further accommodation!